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Dr. Oz Tells You The Best Vitamins.

April 12, 2013

Alternative Holistic Health Answers

Well, it was on the Dr. Oz show, but it’s really Consumer Labs who wrote the sort of teaser post on the Dr. Oz site I would expect of anyone selling something. In this case they tell us that there are certain harmful brands, but don’t say which ones. Then they say there are good brands and don’t say which ones.

Evidently Todd Cooperman, M.D., head of Consumer Labs, has moved away from public education to how can I make a dollar? The idea is that I have to go to Consumer Labs and sign up to get the information I need for my health.  But I get a free 24 hour online pass to go see.

So I went to the site and it said the following:  “By signing up for this 24 hour free pass you’ll receive immediate access to the three reports. You agree to not reproduce…

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